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  • Jaume Plensa

    Photo by Anchor Imagery

    100 x 37 x 44 1/2 inches
    marble, lead

    Museum Purchase, Walkey Fund, the Stephen and Sybil Stone Foundation, and supporters at the 2012 deCordova Benefit. Dedicated to Mary Levin Koch, in honor of her great leadership and generous support of deCordova’s Curatorial Program, 2012.23

    Born 1955, Barcelona, Spain
    Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

    Figurative sculptor Jaume Plensa is an internationally acclaimed public artist. He is perhaps most associated with The Crown Fountain (2004) in Chicago’s Millennium Park, which is a modern twist on an ancient civic symbol.  More info...

    Tap below to hear Jaume Plensa talk about the use of marble and lead in Humming:

    Tap below to hear Jaume Plensa talk about how he looks at sculpture: