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  • Esther Kläs

    Ferma (5)

    173 x 65 x 11 inches overall
    Courtesy of the artist and Peter Blum Gallery, New York

    On view March 1, 2015 - April 1, 2016

    Often working on a scale that references her own body, Esther Kläs’s unidentifiable sculpted forms – typically concrete, resin, or clay structures made in her studio – evoke weathered and time-worn architectural remnants and artifacts.  In the freestanding vertical monoliths that recur frequently in her work, one may see a physicality and austerity that betrays a family resemblance to the ruins of Stonehenge, or Doric temples. Kläs’s practice, however, does not begin and end with the construction of material objects – it extends to the abstract construction of space. More...