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  • Carlos Dorrien

    Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories

    8 x 10 x 55 feet
    Museum Purchase and Gift of the artist, 2000.43

    Born 1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Lives in Wellesley, MA; works in Randolf Center, VT

    In Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories, a large-scale sculptural installation designed expressly for the promontory overlooking Flint's Pond, the artist brings together three of his major artistic themes: the door, the flying carpet, and a granite floor. For Dorrien, doors and flying carpets are symbolic vehicles for accessing the creative imagination. About the importance of the floor in his work, he has said: "The carved slab opens up the spatial life of the object and its surrounding space. Also, the slabs can inspire in the objects on top of them a sense of ceremonial mystery."